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We're a boutique digital marketing company where results come together

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We're performance marketers dedicated to 'connecting the dots' in order to create holistic strategies that drive measurable growth.

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Management Team

RAD MKT - Yuri Lau - Managing Director

Yuri Lau
Managing Director / Web Marketer

Yuri is originally from Bergen, The Netherlands and holds a masters degree in Literary Studies from the Universiteit Utrecht, and specialized in Cervantes’ Quijote. He’s fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Dutch.

Yuri has lived in Spain, Brazil, and Argentina and uses his multilingual abilities to provide a range of web marketing and translation services. He also has several years of experience in human resources management and business administration.

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Yuri Lau - RAD MKT | AdWords Certified Professional

Our Philosophy

We follow some basic concepts to guide us in our work:

  • Performance marketing is a science and and art
  • ‘Positive ROI’ is our ethical responsibility
  • Transparency & clear communication are vital for success
  • Effective solutions tend to be holistic
  • The best working relationships are mutually beneficial

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